Robins Financial Credit Union – Athens Branch Lighting Retrofit Complete

September 29th, 2022

Graced with both good weather and a collaborative Robins Financial Credit Union team, Consultants and Builders, Inc. has completed in less than two days the interior and exterior Athens branch lighting retrofit. The work was completed during as well as outside of normal operation hours to ensure a fully functioning branch remained accessible to members.


Our retrofit services offer energy efficient, innovative lighting solutions. Lighting upgrades provide better quality illumination along with short-term and long-term, savings through rebates, tax incentives, lower energy and maintenance costs.


CBI looks forward to further collaborations with Robins Financial Credit Union, their Team, and great work culture!


The partnership First City Bank has with CBI has been excellent. CBI is an extremely professional and competent organization. Their work force is both personable and efficient and their work ethic is second to none.
First City Bank
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