Reevaluate and Envision the New Financial Workplace

January 21, 2021

Today’s financial institutions are grappling with sporadically closed branches, limited main office hours, and employees reluctant to spend time away from their newly minted ‘home offices’. Recent studies reveal that 26% of workers who were in the office will remain remote after COVID.

To retool existing as well as planned branches, main offices, and operation centers, financial institutions are asking Consultants & Builders, Inc. (CBI) to think outside traditional architectural trappings to keep current employee talent and provide a Post COVID experience. We continue to develop spaces that give workers a reason to want to leave their homes:

    • Instead of one headquarters there is a growing trend to move towards “Corporate Hubs” (smaller upgraded spaces in areas the talent can get to easily and want to be there).
    • Give the talent “Access” to things they would not have at home:
      • Better virtual meeting spaces (sans family member interruptions)
      • Gym space
      • Nursing rooms and quiet spaces
      • Outdoor eating space for social distancing
      • Touchless water fountains, bathroom accessories, and faucets
    • Flex offices that can be cleaned and maintained easily for employees to visit weekly versus daily when onsite meetings are a must.
    • Microbranches – Standalone and in retail malls enabling fewer employees to serve the needs of customers/members.
    • Interactive Teller machines (ITM) versus ATMs and/or teller positions. CBI has adaptively reused office and branch space for ITM remote workers to cover branches and client needs over a vast multi-location service area.
    • CBI is also adept at converting existing unused space into separate leasable space more ideally optimized in a new configuration.

Create spaces that enable your employees to feel secure while remaining connected, innovative, and part of a fun work culture.


As it turned out, CBI was not only our contractor, they were also our partners in the project. From start to finish they were attentive and thorough.
Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union
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