Project Update: Pinnacle Credit Union Branch

February 26th, 2024

Pinnacle Credit Union’s Benjamin E. Mays Branch in the Cascade Heights District of City of Atlanta, Georgia reaches the renovation finish line and the community is greatly pleased with the results as well as the newly located Pinnacle Credit Union!

Facebook posting this week from a local neighbor: “Cascade Heights is winning! A credit union recently RESTORED (!!!) this beautiful old bank in our retail district. I believe that it was built as a Fulton Federal Savings & Loan in the 1960s. We are so fortunate that the new owners have completely respected the mid century architecture and no gray paint!” – 130 likes and climbing.


CBI always followed through with what they said would be done and when they said it would be done. I would highly recommend CBI to any company looking to design and build a financial institution.
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