Peach State FCU Awards CBI Tenant Build-Out Project

December 15, 2016

Peach State Federal Credit Union recently awarded CBI a tenant build-out project for a new, 1,700 sf branch which will be located in Oconee County.  Included in the branch will be two intelligent ATMs as well as two dialog towers.  “We have served this community since 2009, and know that a brick and mortar location in this area will make banking for these members more convenient. We envision this to be a ‘branch of the future’, featuring member service and business development representatives rather than a traditional teller line. Representatives will assist members in finding the products and services they need for their individual financial needs,” said Marshall Boutwell, President/CEO, Peach State FCU.


CBI always followed through with what they said would be done and when they said it would be done. I would highly recommend CBI to any company looking to design and build a financial institution.
Nucor Employee's Credit Union
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