Associated Credit Union adds New ITMs @ Dobbins Air Reserve Base

October 27th, 2021

Consultants and Builders, Inc.  has been selected to install two NCR Interactive Teller Machines at Associated Credit Union’s Dobbins ARB branch. Members can simply touch the screen and communicate with a teller associate  in real time, with the teller guiding the Member through the transaction. There is no need for tubes under the ground or a drive up window or even full time tellers, as the Interactive Teller Machines can handle a number of different transactions into multiple accounts. A similar installation was completed (see photo below) at ACU’s Main Office with positive Member feedback.

“We believe that this type of drive thru service will be beneficial to the Dobbins ARB community for a number of reasons: Extended service hours, an additional access point for funds (going from one ATM to two ITMs), additional security – Members would not need to get out of their vehicles to utilize the ITMs, and innovative technology to facilitate timely transactions and offer what today’s Member is looking for; convenience as well as the ability to speak to a live associate to assist with more complex transactions without going into the branch.” notes Michael Huff, VP of Retail Services at Associated Credit Union.


CBI always followed through with what they said would be done and when they said it would be done. I would highly recommend CBI to any company looking to design and build a financial institution.
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