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April 29, 2021

CDC Federal Credit Union Selects CBI for Main Office Master Plan and Renovation

In concert with the ongoing Pro Energy Update of their Main Office, Atlanta, GA based CDC Federal Credit Union has chosen Consultants and Builders, Inc. for a third consecutive project. To create a multiphase Main Office Master Plan, CBI designers are collaborating with CDC FCU’s executives and employees to promote a more fulfilling work environment with additional focus on employee health and safety.

Thinking outside traditional architectural programming, CDC FCU desires to attract new talented employees while keeping current employee veterans engaged. Along with updating current furniture and finishes, the Credit Union plans include better virtual meeting spaces, a fitness area with locker rooms, private nursing and quiet rooms, an outdoor eating space and vending for social distancing, touchless water fountains, bathroom accessories & faucets, and flex offices that can be cleaned and maintained easily. Ultimately the partnership with CBI will create spaces that enable CDC FCU employees to feel secure while also remaining connected, innovative, and part of a fun work culture.


The partnership First City Bank has with CBI has been excellent. CBI is an extremely professional and competent organization. Their work force is both personable and efficient and their work ethic is second to none.
First City Bank
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