CBI’s COVID-19 Design-Build Strategies

June 30, 2020

Consultants and Builders, Inc. recognizes the unprecedented post-pandemic challenges being faced by our clients, their employees, members, and customers. It is our shared goal to aid the financial market in navigating these unique times as well as propel our client’s organizations forward regarding growth and technology integration.

Our integrated team of design experts, marketing strategists, and construction professionals have developed a comprehensive response to employee and visitor well being, re-envisioned work environment, and optimization of the new retail experience. By preparing leadership teams to address design and operational changes, as well as facility needs and maintenance, this reset process begins by realigning with a new vision of the pathway forward.

Some boundaries have disappeared while physical distancing norms, health and safety concerns are at an elevated state. From the sudden growth or introduction of a call center and staff, teller pods additions or teller line modifications, to touchless restrooms, and technology upgrades, CBI is here for concept strategy, design creativity, and building realization.

With over three decades of financial project experience we are ready to be your partners for both short-term and long-term solutions and growth. The next generation of design and technology with CBI will ensure you evolve beyond your peers.


The partnership First City Bank has with CBI has been excellent. CBI is an extremely professional and competent organization. Their work force is both personable and efficient and their work ethic is second to none.
First City Bank
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