CBI completes new ITMs Kiosks for Associated Credit Union at Dobbins Air Reserve Base Branch

September 29th, 2022

Consultants and Builders, Inc.  has recently completed the installation of two NCR Interactive Teller Machines at Associated Credit Union’s Dobbins ARB branch. CBI also installed a monument sign for better brand identification and representation for members. Site lighting was also added for afterhours use since the new ITMs are available for members outside normal business hours.

Echoing the original sentiments when the project idea was generated, Michael Huff, VP of Retail Services at Associated Credit Union noted “We believe that this type of drive thru service will be beneficial to the Dobbins ARB community for a number of reasons: Extended service hours, an additional access point for funds (going from one ATM to two ITMs), additional security – Members would not need to get out of their vehicles to utilize the ITMs, and innovative technology to facilitate timely transactions and offer what today’s Member is looking for; convenience as well as the ability to speak to a live associate to assist with more complex transactions without going into the branch.”

CBI looks forward to our next collaboration with Associated Credit Union in the renovation and reopening of a number of smaller downtown Atlanta microbranches shuttered during Covid.


The partnership First City Bank has with CBI has been excellent. CBI is an extremely professional and competent organization. Their work force is both personable and efficient and their work ethic is second to none.
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