CBI and the Evolution of Design

December 15, 2020

Architecture traditionally is so seemingly static, utilitarian, and permanent. At CBI we work to create designs and marketing that are dynamic and timeless, while being functional and adaptive. The financial industry in the marketplace is changing so quickly it’s amazing what we can create with our clients when we each truly listen and participate.

“Consultants and Builders, Inc’s experience in designing and building branches helped us create a modern atmosphere that captures our brand and lays the ground work for our ongoing branch transformation. They understand how to merge new technologies with the flow of the retail space while maintaining our core focus which is on the member experience.” – Michael Huff / VP Project Management, Associated Credit Union


The partnership First City Bank has with CBI has been excellent. CBI is an extremely professional and competent organization. Their work force is both personable and efficient and their work ethic is second to none.
First City Bank
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