Associated CU is on the Move

April 30, 2018

Associated CU is on the move!!!  Consultants and Builders, Inc. has been contracted to design, build and furnish a new prototype branch located in Ellenwood, GA.  The new branch will be the first free standing building built in many years and will utilize Teller Pods, ITM’s, heavy marketing and digital displays and contemporary furnishings.  The interior space will mimic a newly designed branch located in Decatur.  Along with these projects, CBI will also add ITM’s located in a new drive-thru at the credit union’s main office and design and build a 200 sf branch where middle school students will have an opportunity to learn money management skills as they practice the process of opening a mortgage, shop, eat and play with a fixed budget.

CBI has a proven track record of handling small and large projects across a geographic area simultaneously and provides full project management services while using local subcontractors.  We are proud to be working with Associated Credit Union on multiple projects and are working diligently to ensure their strategic growth initiatives are a huge success.


CBI always followed through with what they said would be done and when they said it would be done. I would highly recommend CBI to any company looking to design and build a financial institution.
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